Get your organization back on track

Get your organization back on track with Enterprise Architecture-as-a-Service.

Is your company growing fast? Well, that’s excellent news, of course. But growth and success have a downside, especially if they come too quickly. Because the larger your company is, the greater the chance it will no longer be able to keep up with the increasingly rapid changes in the market. How do you adapt so that your organization doesn’t end up in a downward spiral? Get your organization back on track with Enterprise Architecture as a Service!

When your company grows, your workforce grows too. But the more employees you have, the more difficult it is to keep a clear overview of who does what. Meanwhile, the complexity of your company is also increasing exponentially. Organizational and functional silos arise, but your business might still have its organically acquired shape, often without clear documentation in place.

If you don’t intervene at this stage, you risk losing insight into your organization and its ecosystem. What happens then? Customers and staff end up with a fragmented experience. Employees end up doing rework. Your organization becomes cumbersome and inefficient, meaning it can no longer respond quickly, while the world is changing faster. Your company increasingly struggles to stay relevant . . . until it just isn’t anymore. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to come to that. An enterprise architect makes all the difference here, providing the right advice when it comes to making crucial “renovations” to your organization.

Less complexity, the same language

To start with, an enterprise architect advises on how to make your company less complex. All (hidden) inefficiencies and redundancies must be jettisoned. By doing this, you not only rationalize IT but your entire organization — all your processes and functions — resulting in big savings. You can then use your other resources more cost-effectively, focusing on your core activities.

With the support of an enterprise architect, you can teach everyone in your organization to speak the same language again. This is how you eliminate silos. You can also regain a clear understanding of how the entire organization operates, so that you can make every element work in harmony and deploy your resources where they’ll yield the greatest return, focusing on your strategic goals.

Transparency and balance

The enterprise architect also advises you on how to make your organization transparent again, so that you can better identify, assess, and mitigate the risks your company faces. And as a more flexible and less complex organization, you’ll be agile enough to take on every (unexpected) challenge.

All this will result in a vital, growing organization. You’ll achieve a healthy balance that allows you to continue to tackle daily operations but also focus as many resources as possible on growth factors — the activities that will maintain and strengthen your competitive position.

As a service

If all that sounds like music to your ears but you know how difficult it is to find an enterprise architect and what it costs to hire one, well, set your worries aside! By choosing an Enterprise Architecture as a Service solution, you can deftly sidestep these issues.

Meta4ce’s enterprise architects get to know your company inside and out. They’ll spend as long as necessary with you, and you can always be confident you’re working with an architect who has the best expertise and experience because they’ll have a whole battery of Meta4ce experts to back them up.

Iterative approach, close collaboration

When we start working with an organization, we first make the most of the resources that are already available, so that no unnecessary costs are incurred. We take a soft, iterative approach that disrupts daily operations as little as possible but at the same time delivers immediate measurable value. Our enterprise architects focus on concrete problems, which they solve using concrete solutions.

A fully collaborative approach is crucial to the success of Enterprise Architecture as a Service. Your company may have grown too quickly, but that’s also proof that you know your core business better than anyone. Meta4ce examines everything that has grown around that core activity and advises you on how to approach it in a more transparent, simpler, and more harmonized manner. We show you how to optimally “renovate” your organization so that you can continue to tackle challenges flexibly in this ever-changing world. And we do it quickly, accurately, and without expensive trial-and-error guesswork.

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