Data & Strategy Summer Academy

Enterprise Architecture
& Data Academy.

Dear business and data strategist

With our two-day Enterprise Architecture & Data Academy, we are preparing medium to large organizations for the present of tomorrow. After all, both topics are indispensable in today’s modern business.

First of all, we start with a day of strategy definition, planning, and orchestration. The importance of a well-founded Enterprise Architecture is strongly emphasized here.

On day two we put the spotlight on the increase of data at work and the need for a clear data strategy. And linked to that: Data Governance. So that you get to take well-thought-out, strategic decisions more quickly.

At the end of this training, we will get to work providing you with handles, that will arm you to support your organization on its way to a successful, data-driven future.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

Team Meta4ce & QuaData

Date: 19 and 20 October 2023
Time: 9 AM to 5 PM
Location: Kontich
Language: English

Day 1

Investigating the form of IT Disciplines in diverse organizational contexts.

We examine different scales and kinds of organizations and their underlying IT structures, collaboration dynamics, and the necessary arrangement of frameworks and tools relative to the size and maturity of the organization.

Understanding Governance Structures and Processes.

For the smooth and effective running of an organization, Governance is required. In this section, various types of Governance will be introduced, considering the organization’s size and structure.

Strategy Definition, Planning, and Execution

Strategy is the foundation of what an organization does or wants to do. Once the company’s strategy is defined, the ‘actual work’ starts. Therefore, we also zoom in on planning and developing the strategy to attain your organization’s goals.

Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance.

Enterprise Architecture lays down the most efficient route to implementing a strategy while considering operational reality. Therefore, we delve into the concept of Enterprise Architecture.

Towards the end of this day, we will explore various tools that help in building up and managing enterprise artifacts.

Day 2

During day 2, we dive into a specific part of strategy and Governance: Data Strategy and Data Governance.

Maximizing Organizational Success through Effective Data Strategy, Governance, and Management

In the first module of this day, we look at how to translate a business strategy into a data strategy. You will learn a practical, step-by-step approach to apply in your organization.

The second module is about Data Governance: Governing your data is a foundational activity to ensure your data becomes and stays an asset. We look at organizational models, roles and responsibilities, and your Data Governance artifacts like policies and guidelines or data quality and business rules. 

This module concludes with a look at various Data Governance and Data Management tools.

Case Study: From Data to Insights. Unleashing the Power of a Robust Data Platform Ecosystem

To conclude these two days of training, we will organize a small 1-hour workshop to discuss a case study that ties it all together and shows you what the value can be.

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We offer this two-day course annually in the summer. Please register individually. The price for this academy is 1400 EURO per participant.

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